06 janvier 2010

Hyper-V Live Migration using SRDF/CE

All the credits of this post goes to Hypervoria !: http://hypervoria.com/hyper-v/hyper-v-live-migration-using-srdf-ce.aspx

John Toner: Here's a video demonstration about using Hyper-V Live Migration in a SRDF/CE cluster, SRDF/CE is is EMC’s geographically dispersed clustering software. SRDF/CE is an EMC proprietary product that is used to integrate EMC’s SRDF technology with MSCS You might notice that we are not using CSVs in this demo as SRDF/CE does not currently support CSVs. I'll write more on that topic later on when I find the time.

Direct link to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5Hhzay4Dqs