13 juillet 2006

Ceedo provides a complete, portable working environment for USB flash-drives and portable storage devices

Ceedo revolutionizes the way you work and literally frees you from the confines of your desktop computer. Introducing Ceedo Personal - your personal, portable working environment, carried conveniently on your removable drive, ready to be used on any computer to plug into. Once you install Ceedo on your removable drive, it will be transformed from a simple storage gadget into a powerful plugged-in working environment for you to work with, anytime, anywhere. CeeDo

Ceedo Personal Edition is an easy to use, powerful program that can be easily downloaded and installed on your removable drive, immediately providing you with a personal, portable working environment. Ceedo is compact and takes only about 2 MB of space, so much room is left for you to install programs and carry your data on your drive (depending on your drive's capacity).

Use the Ceedo Compact Bar to open the Ceedo Easy-Access Menu, and gain immediate access to your entire computer identity from any computer you plug into. You can now install and run your favorite programs, browse the web with your personal settings and favorite links, work with your preferred email client to send and receive emails, and easily access your data - all from a singe place.