28 novembre 2009

Security is not an option ;-)


Today, again a got a SD card with a very specific Virus...
It's "normal" that when you buy a car you have by default a "state of the art" of safety measure/instrument included in your car...Even if few high tech safety stuff are still  option's.
But YOUR CAR is really SECURE related to common technology BY DEFAULT.

Do you thing that this statement is true for the IT (understand your personal computer) I don't thing so.

So, how to get the same level for your IT? I will not extend but failing your IT security could cause serious damage, personal or institutional.

Next post will go back to .. Microsoft Exchange matter... ;-)

14 septembre 2009

VMware officially supports (some) long-distance VMotion scenarios

VMware officially supports (some) long-distance VMotion scenarios
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At the beginning of July virtualization.info reported how VMware, Cisco and EMC (the VCE triumvirate?) are working together to execute virtual machines live migrations across data centers that are 80 km (50 miles) away from each other.

Well, what was considered an impressive yet experimental configuration in July became an officially supported scenario in September.

The three companies discussed three different scenarios for long-distance VMotion at VMworld 2009 and announced the joint validation for one of them, where VMware supports a 200 km live migration (assuming you can satisfy some pretty demanding requirements):


08 septembre 2009

Cool feature of Windows7 : Default printing change with your network

Cool feature of Windows7 : Default printing change with your network
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Changing customer (site) is now much more easier as you will always print on the right printer.

This will save many wrong print and a little effort for the Planet.


16 février 2009

Windows Mobile/Phone 6.5


You probably read a lot about Windows Mobile 6.5 but this enhancement about finger user interface is probably more than what we can understand... Have a look to the review of Engadget: http://www.engadget.com/photos/windows-mobile-6-5-walkthrough/1361911/

Or again, more geeks, can go to XDA-Dev.

11 février 2009

Build a free VOIP for your domain.

A full article would be made available at http://www.debilloez.net/.
But in the mean time for the most motivated, here find your own informations or materials.

1. Buy VOIP credit to call land line:
I used: http://www.voipstunt.com/

2. Register the SRV record in your public DNS
More info: http://www.voip-info.org/wiki-DNS+SRV

3. Found the hosting SIP Server for free ... I provide the GOOD url ;-)
Regiter for you domain here :http://serweb.iptel.org/user/reg/reg_domain_1.php?phplib_Session=ad11955f369a073c2905e6f6d0bd0ae8
Take care to not simply register for an account but well for a domain
An alternative is to host and publish your own VOIP server (Asterix, 3CX, ...)

4. Obtain a SoftPhone and register with your accound.
By the step 3 you get a way to register by using ie toto@mydomain.com
So other SIP phone can call you by your own e-mail address !

PC Softphone : http://www.counterpath.com/
Windows Mobile : check http://www.xda-developers.com/ but many non"natif" exist.

09 février 2009

Goggle & Microsoft offer Google account (contact/calendar) synchro

Sync your Google calendar and contact with your Windows mobile device
Look here ... http://www.google.com/mobile/winmo/sync.html

It's free ! Even if you use an IPhone ;-) (I"m using an HTC Diamond)

Again if you still want full Exchange Sync (Contact,mail,calendar,task) look here :

It's a paid but cheap service !


Virtualization Saves Microsoft Customers Nearly a Half-Million Dollars Per Year

As an independant advice I would just advice the below reading.

Interesting according the W2K8 R2 is not YET available but MS solution seems already promising.

Check here : http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2009/feb09/02-09VirtualizationSavingsPR.mspx